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ZF's Palace


In this section, i will be showing you about my educational background and my achievement in my CCA, National Police Cadet Corps(NPCC)

School Award

What shown on the side was my achievement with my chinese language results in secondary school. My esssay was in fact published four times over the years when i am in secondary school. I also topped the school twice in Chinese Language when i was in secondary school as shown.


I got this award when i was in secondary three, achieving top 25% of the whole cohort.

National Police Cadet Corps(NPCC)

I had participated in the speech day parade and national day parade twice. I was also awarded to be a marksman, and later joined in the 0.25 shoot competition representing my school.

I was also promoted to Staff Sergeant in NPCC, which is the second highest rank you can get in NPCC as a cadet, which the highest is Station Inspector.